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Lunch & Learn to better manage organisational change

Lunch & Learn to better manage organisational change

How tricky is it to do your own job as a CEO and/or manager whilst wanting to move the organisation forward and support your staff? And, fundamentally, how does your staff cope with change?

If your organisation is going through change, have you stopped and wondered how your staff members are going to cope with it? It can be difficult to concentrate on the bigger picture and also on supporting staff through changes on the ground.

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety”- Abraham Maslow

Training to help staff go through change

Angie, our managing director, delivered a Lunch & Learn session for an organisation going through significant change this week. The organisation asked Angie to work with their senior staff to help them cope with the changes, including:

● Understanding how to deal with and manage transitions

● Recognising the barriers of change

● Exploring the seven stages of the change curve

● How to process these resistances and stages and communicate them to their own staff

Change can be a tricky time for businesses. Some people will resist change firmly. Some people will go into flight, fight or freeze mode when they feel threatened, unsafe or in unknown territory, which often happens in periods of change. This has a real impact on businesses, including on finances. Have you experienced this?

An interactive and fun session around a difficult topic

Angie designed the Lunch & Learn session so it helped open the discussion around a difficult topic for most people. The discussion was supportive, educational, engaging and also fun! All the attendees got an opportunity to engage in different ways depending on their personalities.

The training session has made changes easier to implement. It also ensured that senior managers are included and adapt to change quicker and more easily. What they learned will also help them discuss the changes with their own staff.

Here’s what three of the senior managers who attended said about the training.


“Helped to think outside the box”

“Outside the box training”

What drives change for your organisation?

We’re always eager to learn from organisations. We are curious about what drives change in your organisation. Is it:

● Customer/client need

● Competition

● Diversity of the workforce

● Compliance

● Quality and accreditations

● Policies and legal requirements

● Political circumstances

● Innovation or something else?

We would love to hear about your experiences.

Could training help your staff too?

Communication within an organisation is key in times of change. If your organisation is going through change and you would like to explore training options, get in touch at angie.cameron@direction.org.uk.

We also have several other workplace training including Building Resilience, Mental Health First Aid, Management Development Course and more. Click here to find out more.