Counselling and Psychotherapy

Are you experiencing some life challenges and just finding it all too much?  Or maybe you’re pulled in so many directions with demands or other people and tasks being prioritised?  

Do you feel you are constantly juggling things, maybe even experiencing imposter syndrome, burnout or mental fatigue, or managing your stress and anxiety and you want to feel less exhausted and more energised and motivated?

You may have even experienced a life changing event that you are getting stuck and want to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Whatever you’re experiencing we are here to compassionately support you.

Making the decision to come into Counselling or Psychotherapy can sometimes provoke feelings of anxiety, sometimes it can be a relief, and often it’s a whole mixture of feelings, however it can be the most empowering and brave decision in your whole life, because it can give you so much tools and can be life changing.

“In a few short sessions it’s made such a difference to my life and people around me.  I am so grateful I took this step”  – Client

Life is a struggle sometimes, difficult and challenging. We are here to help you make things easier, to give you the tools to deal with these challenges and allow you to take more control.

Our highly skilled, empathic, and compassionate Psychotherapists and Counsellors are trained to help you navigate through difficult experiences and times. By creating a safe and non-judgmental space, they are skilled and experienced in being able to help you work through life’s challenges, develop a clearer sense of yourself, find out what feels right for you, and move forward in a positive way.

“I feel much calmer, and I’ve stopped withdrawing and cannot believe the changes I’ve made. I can not only cope much better I have tools, resilience and positivity to move forward much stronger.  I’m so much happier and it was so worth it!  My work and my relationships have really improved.” – Client

We can help people who are:
  • Experiencing feelings of anxiety, stress, depression
  • Suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Going through loss or bereavement
  • Experiencing relationship difficulties
  • Aware that alcohol, drugs, or other addictions are impacting on your life
  • Struggling with low confidence and self-esteem
  • Having sexual difficulties
  • Experiencing fertility problems
  • Feeling of aloneness and isolation
  • Suicidal feelings and thoughts
  • Feeling alone and lonely

And so much more.

You may be reading this and thinking….“What I’m experiencing isn’t serious enough to get help with” or “I’m not sure what kind of benefits Counselling and Psychotherapy can give me” or even “Isn’t Counselling just for people with Mental Health issues?”

These thoughts are common, though misplaced. Having an informal conversation with us can help you clarify these questions and see if it’s right for you, without any pressure.

“This has been totally life changing for me.” – Client

Counselling and Psychotherapy is now seen as a normal way to help you build up your confidence, work through dilemmas, and increase your self awareness in order to help you manage your emotions, thoughts, and life itself.

What life throws at us, and the difficulties we face, uses up so much time and energy; sometimes even years of our life. When we have the tools to know how to deal with this, we spend much less of our emotional resources on our problems or issues, and as a result we are so much more resilient, which in turn gives us the space to experience real joy and happiness.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can be both empowering and transformational. We will help guide and support you through these transitions compassionately and wholeheartedly.

We offer individual Counselling and Psychotherapy via phone, virtually, or face-to-face; whichever makes you feel most comfortable, and through this contact we will match you up with the Therapist best suited to your needs.

To book an initial consultation, or to find out more, contact us now.