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How can self-compassion help take workplace performance to the next level?


Do you ever tell yourself any of these phrases ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘other people seem to be coping’ or ‘so and so is so much better than me at this’?


If the answer is yes,don’t worry. This is a normal part of the way our brain functions. We all have an inner critic.  The little, though powerful voice that wants to put us down and compare us to other people.


What can you do about it and how can self-compassion help you?


At the beginning of January, Angie, our managing director, workplace trainer and psychotherapist spoke to Lisa and Jen at The Action Group podcast, Tag You’re It, about, you’ll have guessed… self-compassion! Angie talks about what self-compassion actually is and how it can make a difference to workplace performance.


Self-care has been a buzzword for a few years now. We read about it in magazines and through social media (often including a bubble bath and a glass of wine!) though self-compassion is different.  As Kristin Neff terms self-compassion, it is ‘the way we would speak to and treat someone we really care about and love’.


Angie knows the topic well as she’s a mindful and compassion coach. Self-compassion is also one of the modules in the management training course she’s been delivering to The Action Group managers. Exploring this topic  brings great insight to people and how they can change their attitudes towards themselves  to feel more confident, self-assured. Whilst taking care of themselves, they can also care for others more.  In the workplace, we also may refer to this as a key component to building resilience for longer sustainable change.


Here are a few key points Angie explores in the podcast with the lively Lisa and Jen. You will have to listen to the full podcast to get all of her tips and insight.


  • What is self-compassion and how can it make a difference?
  • What are the benefits of being compassionate to ourselves?
  • What are the practical and pragmatic things you can do to easily bring self-compassion into your everyday life?
  • How can you create suitable self-compassionate habits?


Angie also recommends a great website to test how self-compassionate you are. The results will highlight the areas in which you struggle the most. The website also has helpful resources to practice self-compassion.


If you would like more insight on self-compassion, tips on how to level-up and to hear why Angie thinks self-compassion is life changing give the full podcast a listen by clicking here. and we would love you feedback and also for you to share this with your staff, whether that’s on your staff newsletter, intranet, staff meeting or even email please feel free to do so.



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