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Independent Supervision and Mentoring


Supporting your staff towards higher achievement and peak performance

Our independent supervision and mentoring service is available to managers and staff of all levels within your organisation.
It offers your staff an opportunity to explore professional concerns, develop skill sets, improve motivation and focus under the guidance of an impartial supervisor/mentor, helping them to work towards higher achievement and peak performance.


Independent supervision and mentoring is different to existing ‘line-management’ which is organisation led and determined by operational issues and quality of service, resulting in appraisals, performance monitoring and clinical governance.

Independent supervision/mentoring has a clear structure and framework. As our supervisors/mentors are external to the organisation they bring an objectivity which can help your staff to consider different options, step outside the box and work through ethical dilemmas and develop their own objectivity about themselves and their work.


With this extra level of support, it often becomes easier for people to flourish, work more effectively and attain their full potential to the benefit of themselves, their peers and the organisation.

What to expect from Independent Supervision/Mentoring

The relationship with the supervisor/mentor is confidential and relies heavily on collaboration and feedback. Through discussion, personal and professional goals are set to help keep everyone focused on helping them to work towards what they want.

Within the sessions individuals learn to develop their own skills and knowledge according to their needs, helping them to become better managers and leaders, communicate more effectively and make informed decisions. This can enable them to take control of difficult situations when they arise, deal with conflict more effectively and build on their working relationships.

The sessions can be conducted face to face, by telephone, Skype or Facetime according to the needs and preferences of the individual or group.

“Having stepped into a managerial role with little training or support, I found myself struggling to lead my team.  In a career where daily stressors are high with sometimes devastating outcomes, I found it difficult to maintain my standards without compromising my own health, wellbeing and happiness.

My direction mentor helped me take a step back and re-assess what’s important to me, not just in my career, but in my whole life. She has given me tools which I can use to understand my colleagues and people around me which in turn greatly helped my work and my organisation.”