Helping your team understand assertiveness and learn the tools to implement it.

Used effectively, assertiveness lets you clearly communicate your needs, wants and opinions in a way which is considerate of others.

This interesting and informative training course is designed to help people understand what assertiveness really is and how they can develop the skills to implement it in their own lives.

Your expert facilitator will ensure all participants feel at ease and are able to engage fully with the workshop.
Course aims:

  • Understand what assertiveness is and what assertiveness is not.
  • Measure your own assertiveness
  • Identify body language, how it affects verbal communication and practice assertive, non-verbal communication.
  • Learn how to deal with difficult situations in the workplace
  • Develop effective negotiation skills through effective assertiveness
  • Understand how to challenge and support to help others look at their own behaviours, attitudes and thoughts.
  • Learn how to give and accept feedback

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