Mindfulness Courses

direction offers a range of mindfulness courses and workshops tailored to meet your individual organisation’s needs and goals.

Research throughout the world is increasingly demonstrating the profoundly beneficial effects that mindfulness can have on our wellbeing, quality of life, overall happiness and how this positively affects performance and productivity in the workplace.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a skill that can be developed through training. Many people spend a lot of time thinking about the past or the future and this is often brings stress, guilt, regret, self-criticism and anxiety. Becoming ‘mindful’ is about learning to pay attention to the present moment, training your brain to be aware of where you are right now, accepting our thoughts and feelings without passing judgment.

And although this may sound simple, it does need some expert guidance to put it into practice.

At direction we are passionate advocates of mindfulness, and we offer a range of mindfulness courses and workshops which can be tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs. They are designed to be informative and engaging, and will leave your colleagues relaxed and enthused!

The benefits

There’s growing evidence to underline the profound effects mindfulness can have on our wellbeing, quality of life, overall happiness and how this positively affects performance at work.

The benefits include:

  • A happier, more productive, focused and motivated workforce.
  • Improved communication throughout a team.
  • Raised levels of resilience and emotional intelligence resulting a greater ability to handle stressful or difficult situations.
  • Increased employee engagement and loyalty.
  • A reduction in sickness and time off work.

Our direction mindfulness courses are designed to help your staff develop new skills in a supportive and encouraging way. We provide a range of exercises to help your people master these skills and change ingrained habits to become happier and more productive employees.

All of our courses can be held at a venue of your choice – on-site or off – and will be delivered by one of our experienced and compassionate trainers.

What we offer

Taster sessions
Our introductory mindfulness session is ideal for events such as team meetings or conferences, and is designed to give your staff a friendly and fun taste of mindfulness. Sessions usually last from 45 mins to an hour and will involve light-hearted experiential exercises to give everyone a flavour of mindfulness, what it is and why practicing it can bring benefits to all.

We also offer bespoke mindfulness workshops such as ‘building resilience’, ‘calm & chillax’ and ‘rest & restore’ which can be tailored to cover a variety of topics and requirements of any organisation. These can be delivered in a series, as a single session or on an ad hoc basis. Just get in touch to discuss your needs.

Mindful Based Living Course (MBLC)
This is a more in-depth 16-hour course which can bring about real change to anyone who wishes to adopt a more mindful approach to life and work. The course can be delivered two hours per week over eight weeks or as 16 one-hour lunchtime sessions. Timings can always be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Another 16-hour course which can be delivered two hours per week over eight weeks or as 16 one-hour lunchtime sessions. Similar to the MBLC, in the Mindful Based Stress Reduction course our tutor will take you through the benefits of mindfulness and how to implement mindfulness practice into your everyday life.

The MBSR will also support you to understand your individual reactions to stress as well as recognise the triggers of those around you. You will learn techniques to help you effectively handle stress, anxiety, panic and anger. You will also learn how to respond to yourself and others with a more understanding approach leading to better levels of communication throughout the organisation.

“The MBLC course gave me the tools to integrate mindfulness practice and meditation in to my day to day life, both personally and professionally. I learned a lot and had fun.”

K. Alexiou

Continuous research by the Mindfulness Meditation Institute and other organisations around the world have confirmed that Mindfulness Training Programmes yield a return on investment of 5 to 10 times their cost.