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Managing Life Challenges

Enabling people to develop the skills to manage life challenges more effectively.

The workplace can often be a pressurised environment for staff and managers, and no matter a person’s position in the business, they will inevitably face some form of challenge in their life.

This specially-designed workshop is help anyone who may have experienced challenges in their lives, enabling them to develop skills to manage these challenges more effectively. In turn this helps them to achieve a more balanced work life and higher work performance.

Your expert facilitator will ensure all participants feel at ease and are able to engage fully with the workshop.


This course is suitable for?

Supervisory/Management or Non-managerial staff and is available in two separate programmes


Course contents:
  • Look at life challenges, developing an awareness of the effect on self and others
  • Detect the early warning signs of workplace stress and anxiety
  • Gain more control of life and emotions
  • Increase resilience and performance
  • Be proactive and support others facing challenging situations

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