Building Resilience

Having a resilient workforce is necessary to build and sustain a resilient business.

Resilience is the ability to overcome, withstand, navigate around and respond effectively when facing a crisis, difficult or stressful situation, challenges or change.


Delivered by one of direction’s highly experienced trainers, this half day workshop is suitable for all levels of staff. It is designed to help your team members start to build resilience or grown their existing levels of resilience and teach them how to bring these skills into the workplace.

What are the benefits of having resilient staff?
  • Increased productivity due to their ability to prioritise and handle deadlines
  • Less likely to get stressed or anxious
  • Flexible thinking, behaviours and attitudes
  • Ability to bounce back quickly when things don’t go according to plan
  • Viewing change as an opportunity to grow and develop new skills rather than something to fear
  • Recover quicker from illness and adversity
  • Feeling comfortable asking for support rather than trying to cope on their own or avoid problems


All of our training provides a combination of theory with practical group and individual exercises. All attendees with receive course booklets, a completion certificate and follow up communication with relevant resources and information to help them continue with their personal development.


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“I really liked the balance in this workshop between discussion, research/statistics on the benefits of resilience, the practical activities and the short mindful exercises.”

“Great workshop with really helpful techniques and resources to help me understand how I can be more resilient and more positive when facing difficult situations.”