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Building Resilience

Resilience is now recognised as a very important competence to demonstrate in the workplace. In the increasingly complex context of today’s working environment, the resilience of individuals, and organisations becomes critical for business success.


Who is this course suitable for?

Our Building Resilience training course is suitable for all employees and can be tailored to you staff’s specific needs and level within your organisation. This course can be delivered in one day or in two 1/2 day sessions.


Course contents:

Resilience is the ability to cope with the challenges, problems and set-backs we face in life, and to become stronger because of them. It relies on different skills and draws on various sources of help, including rational thinking skills, physical and emotional health, and an individual’s relationship with those around them. Imagine if your staff were better able to:

  • Understand the importance of personal resilience and having a positive focus at work.
  • Adapt their approach to work and become more optimistic.
  • Overcome negative thinking to help ensure business success.
  • Use tools to effectively build their personal resilience.
  • Develop key tactics to help ensure organisational resilience.
  • Use emotional intelligence techniques to help improve workplace communication.

Ultimately, our training course will help your employees to focus on the positive aspects of their role and to engage with workplace activities with an optimistic and enthusiastic mindset.


Course outcomes:
  • Define resilience and explain its importance
  • Differentiate between positive and negative thinking
  • Challenge the way they think
  • Use tools that help them build resilience
  • Develop key Emotional Intelligence skills
  • Help others to build resilience


All of our training provides a combination of theory with practical group and individual exercises. All attendees with receive course booklets, a completion certificate and follow up communication with relevant resources and information to help them continue with their personal development.


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“I really liked the balance in this workshop between discussion, research/statistics on the benefits of resilience, the practical activities and the short mindful exercises.”

“Great workshop with really helpful techniques and resources to help me understand how I can be more resilient and more positive when facing difficult situations.”