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Assertiveness – dealing with conflict

Used effectively, assertiveness lets you clearly communicate your needs, wants and opinions in a way which is considerate of others.

Delivered by one of direction’s highly experienced trainers, our assertiveness course has been designed to help your team members build confidence, increase their assertiveness, communicate more effectively and learn how to handle difficult situations in a constructive manner.


Course contents:
  • Understanding what assertiveness is and what assertiveness isn’t.
  • The difference between assertive, aggressive, manipulative and passive behaviour.
  • Identifying your current level of assertiveness and how to develop this.
  • Feel confidence when dealing with difficult situations in the workplace.
  • Understand the importance and effect of different styles of communication including non-verbal/body language.
  • Giving and receiving feedback in an assertive manner to achieve positive results.

All of our training provides a combination of theory with practical group and individual exercises. All attendees with receive course booklets, a completion certificate and follow up communication with relevant resources and information to help them continue with their personal development.

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