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Your leaders and managers are getting pulled and pushed in many different directions, having to focus on firefighting and surviving in the current climate.

They will be feeling less focused, driven and motivated on the future goals of themselves and of your businesses. It is vital that you can equip them to help your organisation emerge stronger than before and really Sur-Thrive.

If we do not support the leadership team at the forefront, your staff and business will flounder, continue to firefight and stay in survival mode.

Great leadership translates into long term success. Effective leaders have the necessary tools and skills to inspire and impact their teams, allowing them to work towards the longer-term vision and goals of the business.

direction is committed to ensuring that your leadership team not only have the tools and techniques to survive COVID-19, but we can help them Sur-Thrive to build a more robust, resilient and stronger team and business now and for the future.

Our experts have designed a Sur-Thrival Coaching Support to help them do just this.


Our support will focus on the following key areas:

  • Build the strength and resilience of your leader(s)
  • Give them a confidential place to be supported
  • Encourage and supportively challenge them
  • Help them inspire morale and motivation in themselves and their people
  •  Create step-by-step action plans and goal setting
  • Support them through challenges and changes
  • Enable learning and development to positively impact performance, focus and productivity


Online help by our coaches can help make significant transitions and transformations in knowledge, work and thinking.

We offer all our services on an ad hoc basis. direction, are flexible and tailor our services to suit your needs.

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“Very helpful. Can’t believe the difference in 5 weeks and the changes I’ve made within myself and the business. So powerful”. Senior Manager

“I can honestly say it was transformational for me. Months later I still feel the positive effects and as though something pretty fundamental has shifted in my mind set. If you are thinking about booking, my advice is – Just Do It. “HR Director

Our Goal direction is to support your staff remotely, whether that’s individual or group support. We can help them focus their minds on building a positive and secure future for you, them and your organisation.

(Please note, at this difficult time we are offering a half price discount on the initial consultations for all of our counselling and psychotherapy sessions. Also to show our support to the local community, we will be giving 10% of our income from all ongoing appointments to the Edinburgh North East Foodbank.)


Our Clients

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