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Mindful Based Living Course – Autumn/Winter 2021

Date(s) - Monday 11/10/2021


Do you ever just want to get off the hamster wheel and have a break from the constant demands of life?

What if you had the resources and tools to cope with life’s challenges without them taking up all your energy and be happier?

And what if you were able to choose how to respond rather than react, be more in the moment and even judge yourself less?

With 27 years as a psychotherapist, trainer and mindful compassion coach Angie Cameron will teach you the tools and techniques that will help you manage your demands and feel more empowered to respond rather than react, feel more aware and manage your life better and be happier.

“This course was life changing for me! The ability to handle difficulties and feel happier is great. The positive impact it had on me and my life was amazing and I still experience the benefits.”

Our 8-week Mindful Based Living Course is based on the work of world-renowned mindfulness teacher Rob Nairn, with the support of scientific research, neuroscience, evolutionary studies and psychology.

Scientific evidence says the benefits of going on a mindful meditation programme is outstanding and can include:

⇒ Reduced levels of stress and anxiety.

⇒ The ability to respond to difficult situations calmly without feeling overwhelmed.

⇒ Increased self-acceptance, esteem and confidence.

⇒ Less critical of yourself and others.

⇒ Increased brain power and memory.

⇒ Better sleep and energy.

⇒ Improved relationships and communication.

⇒ Overall improved health and mental well being.

Training the mind can be powerful and life changing as you engage in building emotional intelligence, self-awareness and being much more present.

Learning mindful meditation in a group allows you to interact and share experiences with like-minded people under the guidance of our highly qualified and experience tutor Angie.

“This is the most powerful course I’ve ever been on. The tools and techniques are practical for everyday life. My life feels more balanced and I have much better relationships and I cope with the stresses of life so much easier.

What to Expect:

◊ Over 16 hours of learning which can be delivered over 8 sessions.

◊ During each session there will be guided mindful meditation practices followed by group reflection, although sharing personal experiences is not obligatory.

◊ Audio downloads along with a guide for home practice will be emailed out after each session, so if you are unable to attend a session there is an opportunity to catch up.

◊ To get the best from the course some homework and mindful meditation practices are encouraged.

◊ During the course, each participant has an opportunity to meet with the tutor 1:1 to discuss how their mindfulness is developing.

◊ At the end of the course each participant will be registered on the members area of our website which contains copies of all of the practices and the full detailed instruction booklet so that you can access them at all times.

◊ Option to attend a one-day retreat at a reduced cost.

◊ A completion certificate is given to all participants at the end of the course.

“The course facilitator, Angie, provided expert and compassionate tuition – creating a supportive environment for everyone to share their experiences of each practice. There’s no doubt that you do need to keep practicing between sessions to get the best out of the learning, and at times I did struggle with this but the course facilitators provide helpful advice from their own experience of developing their mindfulness practice. I am grateful for the learning and skills I developed from this course and I am looking forward to continuing on my mindfulness journey.”

We limit our group size to allow you the opportunity to connect with Angie and ask questions.

8 week course – starting in Autumn/Winter 2021. Please contact us for dates and further details.