Workplace Mediation

Conflict in the work environment within teams and individual employees can result in a demotivated workforce and reduced productivity. Workplace Mediation can provide a safe, impartial forum for resolving staff conflict and improving discipline.

We can save you money!

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, found that organisations that use mediation deal with far fewer disciplinary cases each year and therefore save time and money.

Further research from The Royal Bank of Scotland states that the
cost of recruiting just one new member of staff - with advertising, interviewing,training and so on - costs a minimum of £12,000.

What is mediation?

Workplace Mediation is a structured confidential process whereby an impartial mediator(s) facilitates communication between those in dispute in order for them to come up with mutually agreed solutions on how to improve their working relationship in the future. Our mediation approach is problem-solving and solution focused.

How can mediation benefit me?

It is voluntary, all parties have to agree to take part before the mediation can proceed. It is important that everyone comes 'to the table' in good faith, with a will to settle the dispute, resolve any differences and reach an effective and comfortable working agreement for the future. This means that issues and ideas for agreement and resolution of the conflict can be discussed without fear of them being used against you in the future.  Mediations are easily arranged. It is balanced so that everyone gets a fair chance to be heard.

What is the role of the mediator?

Mediators avoid taking sides, making judgements or giving guidance. In this way, mediation is different from processes like advocacy, counselling, arbitration, and advice giving. The mediator is responsible for developing effective communication and building consensus between the parties.

Mediation Guide 'What you can expect'

The process of Workplace Mediation depends on the organisation requirements, individual needs and the situation. We respond to a request for Workplace Mediation within 7 days.

We offer a flexible approach to suit your circumstances, for example:
  • Once the parties involved have afreed to mediation and understand the process it may be that each individual involved meets the mediator(s) for a one to one mediation session.
  • If appropriate people are brought together to discuss the issue and start work on how to move forward.
  • The work to reach this agreement can all be carried out in one session or on occasion a number of individual or group meetings take place before a working agreement can be reached.
The mediator will make contact with the parties involved on a confidential basis up to 3 months after the working agreement has been reached to ensure that:
  • The final solution has been effective.
  • All parties are committed to the agreement to the benefit of themselves and those who work around them.
  • On the rare occasion that an agreement has not worked a discussion will take place between the employer and the mediator to decide where another mediation session is appropriate.

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