Employee Assistance Programme

Staff can be suffering with stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement or a range of challenges, either work related or in their personal lives. Providing access to a confidential support benefits both the employee and employer. Within our EAP membership we also offer professional free access to a debt advice service who we have partnered with which can provide support, knowledge and a solution. For more information see below

What is EAP?

Our Employee Assistance Programme is an external, confidential service, providing counselling and support to you and your staff, delivered by our highly trained counsellors. Our EAP is a powerful management tool, which can give your organisation a competitive advantage. It can also help your organisation reduce absenteeism, save costs and help you retain your staff.

Below is a table of our individual packages that we can offer to you and your staff. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and tailor the package to suit your organisation and budget, so please contact us.


Services available to members of the Employee Assistance Programme:
1. Initial consultation within 7 days of first contact
2. Face to face, telephone and/or email individual counselling
3. 24hr answering service
4. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments
5. 10% off our training courses (These cover practical, work-related topics such as
     Stress Management, Essential Listening Skills, Communication Skills for
     Managing Relationships, and Assertiveness.)
6. Counselling provided within 30 minutes radius of your workplace
7. No telephone charges for telephone counselling sessions
8. Counselling available throughout the year and during most holiday periods
9. Self referral and/or organisational referral
10. Customer receives copies of evaluation forms completed by members of staff
       with respect to client anonymity and confidentiality
11. An annual presentation about counselling to customer’s supervisory and
       managerial staff
12. Report of staff attendance with regards to client confidentiality
13. General statement of progress of staff members
14. Opportunity to meet bi-annually with direction counselling and training to review
       and re-evaluate the employee assistance programme
15. Statistical feedback on referrals
16. A bi-annual report
17. Where trends are identified within an organisation feedback of
       recommendations and solutions will be offered
18. Consultancy and general advice to you, including support for managers dealing
       with difficult and sensitive situations
19. Telephone number given to clients for direct access to a counsellor
20. Face to face couple counselling
21. Up to 3 presentations each year to organisation’s staff about our EAP, what
       counselling is, how counselling can help, what we offer and different forms of
       counselling. This will  also give staff an opportunity to meet with us
       and ask questions about our services.


We work in partnership with a company called PayPlan, they offer:
  • Free Debt Advice
  • Support
  • Knowledge
  • A Solution
to anyone struggling with debts.

What PayPlan do:
  • Listen and understand
  • Find the right solution for the client
  • Help them take charge of their debt so they can focus on living again
PayPlan provides anonymous support and advice to direction EAP members. Please contact us at direction for more information and to be put in touch with PayPlan.