Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are very powerful and effective resources which  can change people's lives.  At times life can present us with enormous challenges and it can be difficult to see a way through. Perhaps you are

Experiencing feelings of anxiety, stress, depression
Suffering deep sadness from a loss or bereavement
Feeling overwhelmed in a relationship or having difficulties
Aware that alcohol or drugs are impacting on your life
Struggling with low confidence and self-esteem
Anxious due to sexual difficulties
Unhappy and alone owing to fertility problems

Counselling and psychotherapy are umbrella terms that are interchangeable.  Counselling and psychotherapy are ways that can help you live in a more satisfying happier way.  

We offer counselling and psychotherapy by our highly trained practitioners who will work with you over a short or long term to help you bring about effective change and enhance your wellbeing.  Our approach can help you manage your feelings, think more positively and feel happier.

direction's approach

Our counsellors and psychotherapists give you an opportunity to work through your difficulties at your own pace whilst being supported and facilitated in a skilful way. We are sensitive to your needs, do not give advice but will be attentive and actively listen to you, offering support, encouragement and challenge. Our approach can help you manage your feelings, think more positively and feel happier.

We offer individual, couple and group counselling and  psychotherapy
A free initial consultation
Your first appointment within 7 days
Face to face, telephone or webcam/Skype counselling on a short or long-term basis
Our fees on a sliding scale depending on income
Appointments are available in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Central Scotland, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.
Weekly or fortnightly appointments
We match our counsellors and psychotherapists to your needs

contact us to arrange your free initial consultation or to ask any question you may have.