Couples counselling and psychotherapy

Relationships can be difficult at times and tensions can easily build up with resentments, misunderstandings and anger developing.  At times we have difficulty in relating to and listening to each other.

Our couple counselling can help build on your communication and look at hearing each other's views and needs whilst giving space to express your feelings and concerns in your relationship.  Are you:

Having difficulties in communication
Struggling with conflict and rows
Feeling overwhelmed in a relationship 
Experiencing changes in life 
Lacking intimacy
Experienced an affair
Going through a loss

At direction we can help you move your relationship on to a place which feels better for you.  

We offer relationship counselling whether you are single, separated, difficulties in keeping a relationship and no matter of your gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity.

Whilst we don't offer advice or judge our couples counselling can offer both of you a chance to explore issues in a safe, warm environment with your therapist guiding you equally through and acting as a constructive and objective mediator.  You can explore the history of your relationship, key events or trigger points that have led to a crisis or the gradual decline in your relationship and break down in communication.  We can support you both in feeling listened to.

It maybe that you either want to stay together or one person may not want to be in the relationship anymore.  We will support you in what feels the right thing for you.  Couple counselling can help you build on your relationship or help you work through an ending whether it involves children or not.

If you and a partner feel you would like to find out more about our services or arrange for an initial free consultation please contact direction.